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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I shud have written this a few days ago..but nvm..

anyway this year's national day was nothing compared to last year's hot and sticky wait at yishun for the live telecast of the wasnt as bland as the wait and certainly much more eventful for the seven of us..

Its rare to spot a large group of guys going out together..individuals prefer dates to going out with a large group of their own sex..this is because dates are known to be more exciting and definitely full of fond memories..and of course..the presence of the opposite sex that count most..

Well our outing the other day was all that..minus the female part of course = ="

We met late..much due to my inability of decipher the long hand and the short hand of my watch thus starting the day by frustrating errone,promising to arrive in ten minutes..instead it was only half an hour lata i arrived at our meeting point..yes i know..mike is lame..

anwyay..we went to eat at the chicken rice stall situated just next to the pool hall at lucky..u guys shud go there la..for a mere 3.50 u can get quite a satisfying meal rather than splurge on fast foods which are nowadays are getting more ex and a noticeable reduction in serving..sheesh..

after eating we tot of playing pool..i was all hype up on depositing my ic for the second time after being legal(mike gets excited,he's a real life singaporean aborigine..)..but all of the hype went crashing down when its discovered the pool hall was full..damn..all the dream went crashing down (piangg..) and there i had to secretly slot back my ic in my wallet,discreetly to prevent others from finding out that i actually took out my ic out of excitement (the likes of an aborigine clearly shown)..but i worry not la..I know who I will be going with during my next pool session..who ah??hehehe

sooo we decided to galavant at other sites..which bring us to taka's atrium whose sole purpose is to provide gayboys like us to flaunt out "beauty" and photograpic skills..take a look>>

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I forgot to mention that I wore my koyak jeans on that day..and that koyak is clearly shown here if u managed to locate my crotch(urgh..manners mike..) notice that it has a smiley face sewed on..just trying to be funny i suppose..ha ha ha..

oh ya..lemme introduce from left to right..zwan(punk rocker for the day with that detachable sleeve of his..thinks his outfit is uber cool..much decorated with chains that are fit to be used for a bicycle..can imagine him in Hari Raya spirits..pants decorated with lampu lap-lip instead..ha ha ha)..kin(mr not be tricked into his innocent face..he's a devil in disguise)..Fi3(ahh i heard good comments from gurls about him..too bad he's taken)..wan(the idiot..a masterful idiot who greets u with his cheeky jokes..livewire for the day)..myself(ha ha ha)..kal(another idiot..spots a waxed tail at the back of his head..his tail rivals those of stingrays..but be afraid not..he doesnt least nt with that tail..maybe his other tail?ha ha ha)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
a fine picture for those who wishes to gauge our mental stability..all same fools except for the inclusion of our mafia,farhan..hes cool..and i really mean it..he doesnt talk that much at times..and his arms are usually behind his back while walking..cant help to reiterate that he is our 'mr cool' for the day..but beware when he's in talking mood..urgh..unstoppable..he will comment on particularly anything..gurls in particular of cz..ha ha ha..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

personally i felt that this was our best picture for the day..positive point is that we look emo..negative point is that we look emo..ha ha ha..go figure..

we got bored of the atrium of course..wan was much complaining the lack of chicks during the we decided to move on..and move on we destination..esplande..but had plenty of stops in between..all because..

yes..if u guessed it rite..its all because of taking summore pics = ="..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this was kinda impromptu..personally i felt this is a good picture to use if the six of us in the pic were to form a band..well of cz forming a band is very unlikely..coz none of us can play those instuments found in a band..except for haikal who plays the trumpet..and that is also for another type of band..nt those 'crashtingtangbangbang' kinda band..(in short a rock band).. ha ha ha..

so after snapping a few others..we decided to drag ourselves slowly to esplanade..with hope of catching those fireworks..but sadly after arriving at esplande..we discovered that the place is highly infested with mats and fi3 said they arent ur typical arts people..they're just there to seek conform to latest 'trends'..and self proclaiming themselves as the cool cliques around..refer others as inferior and wud stare strangely at u if u tread at this/their area..persoanlly,they're just lame bunch of macam-pahams..they try to fit in..but sadly..fitting in is something they will NEVER achieve..

we decided to move to another place..much trying to save ourselves as the mats and minahs were starving us of air..their presence certainly choked us with disgust..and move we certainly did..all the way on top at the sky garden located at Suntec..and even there..with dim-lights and the sky looking ever so dark..we managed to.. sure ure rite now..we managed to take more pictures..ha ha ha..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this was one of our pictures there..we certainly look like drug addicts..going 'high' after a dosage of heroin..or subutex..the 'in' drug now..if there were any among us who managed to get 'high' sucessfully,it wud be the duo wan and fi3..they certainly looked as if they experienced much,now..dont be yellow k??ha ha ha..

oh yes..our purpose was to catch the fireworks from way up high here..but then..

as the fireworks went woke us up from our druggish stupor and within a flash we were up on our feet..scourying around..trying to find a spot where we can get the best view of the display..but sadly we were blocked by the tall-rise building which were all around..soo we decided to run to get a bettter place..and ran we did..

we ran out of that suntec tower..

dashed past the fountain of wealth..

halted the traffis as we go..

went inside another suntec tower with plenty of observers trying to figure out what the heck we were trying to do..

when finally..we found a clear spot..just outside the tower that has carrefour in was more of a construction place..and the fishy smell certainly didnt help our situation better as we stand there to await the next blast..and waited we did..

we just stood there..eyes fixed upon the high heavens..awaiting the flashbang displays to amaze,stupify us..

and waited..
and waited still..

still no sign of any fireworks..not even a single speck of it..

so i decided to reconfirm with my sis..who were at that time witnessing the fireworks at the National Stadum itself as a spectator to the parade..

"So when will the next one will blast?"..i asked my sis,innocently..

"Next?its all over.."my sis replied..much amused by my silly antics..

that certainly was heartbreaking..we came down..with a sole purpose to witness the fireworks..

and we never got to see any of it =((..

so 7 heartbroken boys(gays?) dragged themselves home after dinner at Mcdonalds..

we were heartbroken still as we sat in the Mrt..

but no matter heartbroken we were..we still managed to..

k i shall cut the crap..we still managed to take a picture..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
instead of heartbroken..we looked gay..nt that gay..tsk..

thus that marks the end of our 2006 National Day celebration..I do hope next year wuldnt be so heartbreaking..

or else..

er..actually there's no or just crapping again..

ha ha ha.

Im busy mending the broken pieces of the life I had before.

Before you.

"'s all about you now.. "