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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Damn it...i woke up late in the morning..kinda was dreaming about the posb card avert.."every morning i wake up bla bla..the sunlight hurts my eyes"..what crap..actually i woke up late..set the alarm at my clock around 7.15..instead i was up at 8.30..= ="..haha..taufiq called me around fifteen mins later and ask me where i was...mind you im suppose to go soccer at told him i was on the way out..which was a blatant lie because i havent even bathe yet..sooo..i quickly went to bathe..took out my moto jeans and the umbro shirt plus the mf thingy shirt and my soccer pants plus my socks,my shoes,my pump,my bag and a towel..stuff everything inside my rotten bag and went out after that..kinda a hot old lady looked at me strangely for no reason under my there i was..self-conscious..went to check that everything was in place..coz i might just forget to zip my pants..haha..just joking.. prepared..this blog entry is gonna be long..damn long..

anyway there i was waiting at the busstop for bus service 65 and luckily it was there within minutes..taufiq called me again..and kinda upset with me being late..but after that he joked that he was still in tampines and wish me to take my time...what crap..


goddamnit i remembered that i was suppose to meet hafiz after soccer TO PASS HIS REPORT BOOK..and guess what..IT WASN'T IN MY BAG..I LEFT IT IN THE i went back up....the aunty was smilling at me when she saw me rushing..very i went up took the report book..drank a cup of coffee and went back to the busstop..btw..the aunty dissapeared from where i last seen her at the void deck..


the bus came soon after..reached orchard within fifteen mins..took the train and slept on it..

i was lucky i didnt miss my stop..

alighted and suddenly.....

i saw a few girls..or guys wearing baju kurung or some other traditional clothes at the station..i have this feeling that it was the sirah and sihah and co. because they planned to go out jln rayer today at i purposely didnt turn in their direction.....went to the busstop and saw 133 coming so i boarded...I SWORE IT WAS 133...but it was not to be as the bus took a diff turn at amk central...since i was sitting at the back of the bus i turn back to check whether i board the right bus..THE SIGN READ so unlucky at this kind of i alighted and walked all the way from central to the dolphin court..iw as flushed by then..i dunno why but i felt tired even before i played..Taufiq and fizzo were already sweating it out on the court while i changed-in public..haha..its no big deal..come to dolphin court soemday and you'll see strippers like me..

just joking..= ="

anyway..they won the game..and invited me in to play the next match..and guess what..I SCORED THE TWO WINNING GOALS!!!..happy sia..but it was kinda lucky...

but we lost the next match...kinda bcoz of fizzo fault...coz he lost possesion to the opponent..also silly mar ser got offence but good job me and hafiz went to buy the drinks..taufiq didnt join us though because he was asked to play for another team..

so me and fizzo were much discussing about life when suddenly de xing and his two frens of his fren..had a tattoo across his chest..and was smoking whilst sitting on the bench..i swore he looked older than me but he was just THIRTEEN..omg..

thirteen seh dah ader tattoo muker pulak mature..wat crap..

anway..we went back and lost another match..and we gave

we spend the next half an hour sitting on the floor slacking..with taufiq and fizzo mostly engross in their conversation about their motorcycle prac test....i sat there like an idiot....haha..anyway..we then went under the block for shelter since the sun was burning up..and we spent much time under the blog practicing..

one thing i have to admit..TAUFIQ IS DAMN GOOD..omg..even though he isn't a magnificent dribbler or one that possess much skills...HE IS A GOD WHEN IT CONCERN ABOUT TECHNICAL not exaggerating..but he is good..i learnt a lot of things from his scoldings and fact he was more like a coach than a player on that day..the skills he tot us was priceless and hopefully i can apply it to my game..really..thanks taufiq..even though i may seem a little reluctant to heed ur advices but i was constantly looking and hearing and learning at the same time..

ok enough of soccer...i dont wanna bore readers..

anyway..we left the void deck about two thirty..we went separate ways as i had to go hougang to go to hafiz's hse to give him his report troublesome sia..

as i was merely staring away whilst sitting in the bus..shodikin msg me and asked me whether i can accompany him to cut i agreed..since he wasnt ready he told me to wait for him for about fifteen mins..

fifteen minutes..its not just a blink of an eye...

so i came out a brilliant plan to go to hafiz hse first while waiting for shodikin..a plan which i regretted aftwerwards as it really tires me out..i didnt even have a breakfast save for a cup of coffee..and here i am trotting away like nobody business..its my business though..its like as if i was fasting..

so i went to hafiz hse..gave him the book..and went back to amk central to wait for shodikin..

luckily he didnt take a long time...

so off i went again to hougang...this time with a companion..i decided along the way to follow suit and cut my hair too since i was already on the way to the saloon...another decision which i much regretted...

the cut was fine actually...but it was too short for mine..and kinda suck coz it looks so birdy...haha...well..shodikin had a new look and i was glad for him..

we then went separate ways home as i was going in direction of hougang NEL station..took the train there..slept most of the time in the train...didnt realised my head was resting on a woman's shoulder most of the time until she woke me up by tapping on my shoulder..she look around in her 30s and she didnt look bad either..i was kinda touch that she didnt even reacted violently to the fact that i was resting on her shoulder...she smilled at me..then alighted..

snorezzzz...i went sleeping again till it reach harbourfront.. was so damn packed in the hunch would be most of them were tourist as they dont look local..

thats why i like meet diff ppl everyday and the place rawks..

i took a bus home by then and was really really glad that i finally reached home after a long long day...

instantaneously i threw myself at the couch because i was soo soo nagged as she said i had dirty feets so i went to bathe while my sis and mom were singing their hearts out by karaoke-ing in the hall..i tot of joining them though..but was afraid i would sound bad so i didnt...

took out my sis laptop and did something to the layout of this blog..

moments later my brother went dunno bet is to work...i heard that he is working as a deejay at some club at clarke quay..didnt really know the name of the club..didnt bother also

his departure left the com unattended so i jump at the oppurnity and went online...

Im not happy though..the com is still on the floor...i dunno what the hell my borhter must be thinking when he decided to lower the platform and bring the com to almost floor level..

this certainly has prove to be a sore in the back..

so went here and there and i am updating my blog..

told you it was gonna be a long entry..but i promise not to make it this long next time..since it will bore most readers..

guess i have just to be contented with my birdie hair..

bfor i end i got an announcement to make...

Junior outlawz hari raya outing has been brought forward to the 24th..those who cant make it pls contact fizzo..those who are interested of going pls contact fizzo...p.s...tolong pakai samping kalau ader..haha =="

"'s all about you now.. "